TOMTOM Rider 42 Motorcycle 4.3 Sat Nav – Western Europe maps

Top features: – Lifetime regional maps give you accurate route plotting – Alerts you to traffic, speed cameras, and accident black spots – Hands free calling with Bluetooth – Sensitive screen works even with thick gloves Lifetime regional maps Regional maps let you ride anywhere and keep the same TomTom experience. The maps will be kept up to date for the lifetime of the TomTom Rider 42 Motorcycle 4.3 Sat Nav . When planning your routes, you can also set the ride challenge level. Whether you want an easy commute, or the most exciting of winding roads, the TomTom Rider 42 will plot the route that’s most enjoyable for you. Alerts Live traffic information are provided to keep you up to speed, and speed camera alerts will remind you to slow down again. Accident black spot and jam tail warnings will let you know when to ride cautiously, so you can avoid riding too fast on deceptively risky roads. Hands-free calling With Bluetooth you can make and receive hands free calls, so you can keep your eyes on the road while ordering pizza for when you arrive. Sensitive screen You’ll always have TomTom at your fingertips, no matter how much glove you put in the way. The screen can be adjusted for different thicknesses of gloves, and is even unhampered by rain, so you can always find your way. What are free Lifetime Maps? Sat nav devices or smartphone apps with free Lifetime Maps allow you to download full updates of your map every year – stay up-to-date with changes to road networks, addresses and points of interest, as well as new businesses, road changes and junction alterations. Updates are released at least four times a year and apply to the map that’s pre-installed on your sat nav or included with your smartphone app. Geographical coverage and features will still match the original. Updates are free of charge and provided for the useful life of the device (i.e. as long as the manufacturer supports it with software updates, services, content or accessories). What is free Lifetime Traffic? Lifetime Traffic is a premium real-time traffic information service that shows exactly where delays start and end so you always know the fastest route. `Lifetime’ means the period of time that the sat nav manufacturer continues to support your device with software updates, services, content or accessories. The useful life of the smartphone app means the period of time that the manufacturer continues to support the app with updates. Lifetime Traffic is included with this premium sat nav device and cannot be transferred to another sat nav device or smartphone app.

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