The Role Of Predictive Maintenance

What would a company do if they could predict when things are going to fail within their operations?  Procedures would be put in place to avoid the failure.  If avoidance weren’t possible, procedures would be put in place to minimize the impact of the failure to the end user or customer.  This is a very specific type of maintenance called predictive maintenance.

Predictive maintenance is a method of maintenance that involves making adjustments to a network in anticipation of specific events that are predicted to occur. These adjustments provide increased network or systems continuity.Predictive maintenance utilizes specific triggers to determine when changes are necessary to improve reliability of operations. There are many different triggers that a service provider can designate to predict what is going to happen in a network. Some specific examples of triggers include:

  • Specific Event – A network may need to be modified and expanded temporarily to handle an influx of traffic during a special event. This event could be a major sporting event, a political event or a conference. All of these events would increase passenger flow through an airport causing a need for additional check in counters, baggage check stations, etc.
  • Seasonal – Airport passenger flow can be affected simply by what season it is. Thanksgiving is a very highly traveled day causing a need to handle more passengers, or the airport could be located near a ski resort, causing an influx of passengers during the winter months.
  • Environmental – Operations at an airport can be affected by a weather related event. A snowstorm will impact an airport differently than an earthquake or a tsunami.
  • Report Driven – There are instances when operations are affected, but it is only apparent because of generated reports. It may be that the network is affected every time new trainees are introduced into the system, or during a particular shift change between two individuals. Thus, evaluating reports can determine the impact issues may have on a network.

Predictive maintenance is an important component to keeping outages from happening. When a service partner utilizes predictive maintenance potential outages are minimized and many times avoided. This is because potential problems are predicted and solutions can be put into place prior to any impact on the network.

It isn’t always possible to avoid outages, next time I will discuss a method of fixing problems prior to the end user being aware that the problem exists.

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